Patience Personified


Esther, Mobile Mentor, Patience Personified

Quiet, thoughtful, amazing work ethic and always learning new skills, Esther is patience personified and an exemplary Mobile Mentor. She is also someone you just want to hug.

When Esther first joined the Mobile Mentor team, she always had a shy smile and rarely spoke up at team meetings. Now one of the most knowledgeable mentors, when Esther speaks, everyone listens. Tackling back office duties, mastering spreadsheets and keeping inventory and records up to date, Esther keeps the office humming.

She has also found her voice as a generous mentor to others. “Not everyone is going to be knowledgeable operating a new phone so patience is key,” shared Esther. She takes time with people to make sure they are not afraid of the technology.

Empathy is Esther’s other secret. “Always be open and caring and put yourself in their shoes so they are comfortable,” explains Esther. This is especially true when many of your customers are isolated with challenging life circumstances, like foster youth or homeless people working to get on their feet.

Esther not only found her her voice at Mobile for All, she gives back by strengthening the voices of others. Her worldly wisdom suggests “anything is possible as long as you are willing to ask.” The people she meets, along with her co-workers are what fuels Esther work ethic. She says that seeing people leave with a smile makes her job worth so much more and she is confident knowing that she serves a good purpose.

Esther is beautiful both inside and out—she is helping others, leading by example and bridging the divide one phone at a time—we couldn’t be more proud.

Mobile Mentor Profile by Rebecca Fontanilla