Apps for Homeless

For People Who are Unhoused

Name Category Description Publisher
One Degree Services Yelp for Social Services
Where to Wee Hygiene Bathroom Finder Cintas
IntelliCare Health & Wellness From boosting your mood to getting better sleep to finding supporters when you feel alone, this selection of apps can help your mental state Northwestern University

For People Helping Homeless

Name Category Description Publisher
StreetConnect Communication One-t0-one and one-to-many communications Santa Clara University
HandUp Donations Donate directly to a homeless neighbor in need
WeShelter Donations Unlock donations from corporate sponsors to help fund services in NYC

App Wishlist:

  • Shower Finder | An app for finding a shower is a frequent request
  • ShelterBnB | Our fantasy app for finding available beds

Know of good apps for homeless people? Comment and add yours to the list.