Mobile for All

Donated mobile devices and subsidized wireless service for homeless and extreme-low-income people in the United States. Program components include:

  • Smartphones
  • Subsidized wireless service
  • Digital literacy training
  • Community support

Mobile Mentors

From training on how to use your device to answering technical questions to repairing phones, Mobile Mentors provide customer and technical support for Mobile for All clients.

StreetConnect App

StreetConnect is a mobile app designed to create better communication between social service agencies and their clients. Using a secure online admin, organizations and case managers can send both real-time and scheduled messages—like weather alerts, event announcements, surveys and other useful information—to the clients and communities they serve.

Contact us for a demo and to activate StreetConnect for your program.

Mobile Citizen Workshops

The power of mobile is knowing how to use it! Staff and Mobile Mentors teach a variety of topics including:

  • Smartphone Basics
  • Smartphone Advanced
  • Email and Social Media
  • Mobile Etiquette
  • Privacy and Safety
  • Mobile Money